Please be courteous to our Technicians and Clients by providing a minimum of 24 hours notice for any change or cancellation for your appointment time. Failure to cancel within the required time and/or missed appointments may be subject to a fee up to the full price of the scheduled service. Those Clients may need to secure further appointments with a credit card.


Children are not allowed in the spray room. Whenever possible, a member of the Sundrops Team would be happy to assist our Clients by watching children in the reception area. As this is not always possible or ideal, we ask that you make appropriate arrangements during your visit.

Clients Under 18

Sundrops does not provide services for anyone under 15 years of age. Clients under 18 must wear the top and bottom of their choice while in the spray tanning room. Disposable spa underwear may be provided for you if necessary.

A Parent or Guardian’s signature is required on our Client Information Form.


Pregnant women have been using sunless tanners for over 40 years with no problems or reports of side effects on mother or child. The FDA put DHA on its list of safe cosmetic ingredients in 1973. We carry nose filters for any clients that would like to err on the side of caution.