Why Sundrops

Canada’s first professionally applied  spray tanning salon.

Sundrops has a record of over 17,000 happy clients spanning 13 years, and maintains a reputation as the best place to go for the perfect spray tan. So well known for their reputation that the cast of Mamma Mia chose Sundrops to be their exclusive spray tan studio during the Calgary run. Hockey wives, Olympians and Stars all come to Sundrops for the best of the best in spray tanning.

Respect for women

Sundrops is run by women and supported by women and that is why you will never see a provocative, nearly nude picture of a woman pulling down her bathing suit bottom. Our belief is the female body should not be used as a sales tool to market spray tans. Sundrops 13 years in business and loyal customer base are the only proof needed to confirm our commitment to offering the perfect spray tan.

UV Free Zone.

Don't take any chances with artificial UV rays! Sundrops is committed to offering a safe alternative to traditional tanning beds. The philosophy of a healthy tan is the core of the business, and this means that there are no tanning beds on the premises, now or in the future.