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Welcome to Sundrops , situated in the vibrant city of Calgary, AB, Canada. With more than two decades of unparalleled experience in spray tanning, we proudly stand as industry leaders. What sets us apart from other tanning salons is our innovative approach to training, delivering flawless and professional spray tanning techniques while placing a strong emphasis on your health. We are dedicated to providing a tan that is free of UV rays and harmful chemicals, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

In 2004, Sundrops, under the ownership of Laura Elizabeth, made history as Calgary's pioneer tanning salon offering professionally applied spray tans. Our presence in the industry caused tanning bed companies to rethink their business models to keep up with the rapidly evolving tanning marketplace. Laura's expertise in spray tanning quickly caught the attention of Hollywood, leading her to be invited to Los Angeles. There, she imparted her techniques to top makeup artists from prestigious studios such as ABC, CBS, and Sony. Her work was featured on renowned TV shows like "Two Broke Girls," "Desperate Housewives," "The Young and the Restless," "Dancing with the Stars," and "The Bold and the Beautiful." Sundrops' exceptional work on these highly successful TV productions garnered recognition from the makeup department heads of "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy," who exclusively sought our proprietary blend, Capri Tan, for Vanna White.

In 2019, we launched www.Sundropsacademy.com, a specialized spray tan school, reflecting our commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise. Laura Elizabeth is thrilled to offer professional advice and training to aspiring students, helping them kick-start and elevate their careers. Thanks to this initiative, Laura Elizabeth has been able to maintain her dedication to providing top-notch spray tans. If you have any inquiries about her availability or wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact her via phone or text at 403-510-2510.

Today, we invite you to join Sundrops Academy, the number one choice in spray tanning education. Enroll now and embark on a journey of success with us!


Capri Tan

Best loved for it’s sultry scent, long lasting color and quick 2 hour developing time.

Darkness level: light to medium dark

Price: $65

Capri tan with diminish cellulite serum: $75